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Customised Badges and Promotional Products

McNamee Medals and Badges provide high quality metal, woven or embroidered badges and other promotional products.

     •     Custom Metal Badges

     •     Medals, Medallions and Coins

     •     Key rings – Metal or PVC

     •     Promotional Items - Club Membership and Sporting Badges and Medals

     •     Drink Coasters and Fridge Magnets

     •     Luggage Tags

     •     Clothing Labels

     •     Custom Cloth woven or embroidered Badges and Patches

     •     You design them we deliver them.  

Metal Badge Production Methods and Their Uses Revealed

Metal badges and products are manufactured using various methods depending on your desire.  Each of these methods is discrete and your choice should depend upon the intended use and distribution of the product and of course your budget.  The following may help you in your decision.

Steel Based Soft Enamel

Excellent where budget restraints require the lowest possible pricing – badges and key rings are made using a Steel base covered by soft enamel and unit costs are reduced to a minimum. Products are die struck, plated as any other badge, and visually there is little difference between Steel based and Brass based soft enamel.

Steel Based Soft Enamel is best for colour fill designs, as Steel is harder to polish flat and all metal designs should generally be made in a Brass base. Standard plates are either polished Brass or Nickel, but Gold plate can be used at a small surcharge. An epoxy coating is normally added to protect the paint fill.

Brass Based Soft Enamel

Brass based soft enamel is the most widely used process for badges and key rings and is the same as for Steel based products, but as Brass can be more easily polished, is ideal for all metal (no colour), designs. The design is die stamped from a strip of Brass, plated, polished and hand filled with colour prior to epoxy coating. All polished plates are available within normal costs, but there is a small surcharge for Antique plate styles.

Photo Etched Soft Enamel

Normally made on a thinner Brass base than Brass based soft enamel (thicker bases are available), with the design acid shallow etched in to the metal and then paint filled. This design uses a photographic process hence small detail can be achieved, making it easy to attain very complex designs. Epoxy is normally added to the front to protect the paint.

Photo Etched Designs

Any photographic image can be projected directly onto metal and the process is ideal for images with graduated colours. Normally made on either a Stainless Steel or Brass base and if required the image can be printed to the edge of the product. This process is always protected by an epoxy coating. Full, four colour, process printing provides multi or graduated colour images providing excellent results for complex designs where paint fill processes are not an option. This process is often used for badges and key rings.

Hard Enamel (Cloisonne)

The oldest form of enameling made from a glass paste that is fired and melts into the design. The number of colours is a little limited and no epoxy is used. This process best suits a simple design. It is a very attractive and long lasting process.

Imitation Hard Enamel (Epola)

Similar in appearance to true Hard Enamel, but made with hard baked high fill paint. A full range of Pantone colours can be used for this process, and complex designs can be accommodated. The paint is very hard and cannot be easily damaged. This method is very attractive and only marginally more expensive than Brass based soft enamel. It is ideal where a top quality appearance is needed, especially award and anniversary badges where longevity is a requirement.

3D Die Struck

This process allows for curved design work. The image is created in full 3D. The Die costs are approximately 50% higher than 2D designs; the unit costs are normally the same as 2D. Generally used on all metal designs with no colour filling, often in Antique plate finishes enhancing the 3D effect.

Injection Molded

Often used for medals and medallions, but it can be used for badges and key rings. In this process a Zinc alloy is injected under great pressure into a mold. Set up costs are a little higher than Die struck designs but injection molding is more economical for large quantities. This process also overcomes the size limitations of Die struck products and can be used for products up to a 150mm size. Products can be 2D or full 3D as required, with colour fill, all plates and epoxy as required.

Metal Badges

Metal Badges may include Name Bars, Tie Pins, Tie Clips and Lapel badges

Metal Badges are manufactured to your design using one of the following production methods:

Steel Based Soft Enamel

     •     low budget excellent for Charity and Fund raising

     •     Suits colour fill designs

     •     Epoxy coated to protect the paint

Brass Based Soft Enamel

     •     Most widely used production method for badges and keyrings

     •     Good for polished no colour designs

Photo Etched Soft Enamel and Photo Printed Designs

     •     Excellent for fine detail designs due to the design being shallowly acid etched and then paint fille

     •     Ideal for images with graduated colours

     •     Excellent for complex designs

     •     Used for badges and key rings

Hard Enamel (Cloissone)

     •     Oldest form of enameling

     •     Suits simple designs best

     •     Attractive and long lasting

Imitation Hard Enamel (Epola)

     •     Similar to (Cloissone)

     •     Full range of colours

     •     Good for complex designs

     •     Rugged and not easily damaged

     •     For designs where good quality appearance is required

3D Die Struck

     •     Allows for curved designs

     •     Generally used where no colour filling is required

     •     Antique plate finish can be added to enhance the 3D effect

Injection Molded

     •     Often used for medals and medallions

     •     Can be used for badges and key rings

     •     Caters for larger size items (up to 150mm)


Medals and Coins are Injection molded, Die Struck Brass or precious metals as required. They may be 2D or 3D designs, one or two sided and can have colours added as you choose.

Medals can be made with rings allowing the medal to be hung from a ribbon. Should you require a special ribbon please ask.

There is no restriction on quantity, so if a special medal is required, for one or a small number of presentations, just ask us and we will be happy to discuss your needs. 

Mint quality finish can be provided.


Key Rings can be made from metal or PVC.

Metal key rings are made from any of the processes already mentioned and we are happy to advise you as to the appropriate process subject to design and budget requirements.

Everybody carries a key ring; they are long lasting economical method of advertising your business, club or association carrying your message far and wide for many years in a highly economical way.  

All fixings are available, and key rings can be sequentially numbered if required.  

PVC Promotional Products

PVC is an excellent choice for long lasting promotional items.  Multi level 2D or 3D or two sided as required. PVC is non-toxic, long lasting, colour fast and inexpensive in quantity.  

PVC Promotional products include:

     •     Coasters

     •     Fridge Magnets

     •     Luggage Tags

     •     Clothing labels

Coasters and Fridge Magnets

PVC Coasters are inexpensive and an excellent give a way promotional tool. Why do you always see coasters from your opposition?  Why not design your own.

PVC Fridge Magnets are an excellent give a way promotional tool. Everybody has fridge magnets and they are displayed on every fridge home.  Where does everyone gravitate to at social gatherings?  Around the fridge of course!  Fridge magnets are an inexpensive way of displaying your business.

Luggage tags

PVC is an excellent base material for inexpensive Luggage Tags. Luggage Tags are normally made with a reverse print for address/contact details. Using either a traditional leather strap or a long lasting and strong PVC connector, these brightly coloured tags make luggage readily identifiable at airport carousels and can carry your business or association details in a highly visible way. This highly durable product will be used for many years.

Clothing Labels

PVC is an excellent base material for clothing labels. These labels are inexpensive and can be manufactured in all shapes and sizes, a variety of thicknesses with flat, layered or full 3D effects available. Labels come with a built in sewing 'gutter' providing a modern 'designer look to clothing, bags and similar products.

Embroidered/Woven Badges & Patches

If your Club, Association or Business has their own logo.  Why not have the design embroidered or woven onto a patch which can be worn on a cap, sleeve or shirt breast.

Embroidered and woven patches are manufactured to almost any size and range of colours. Patches are manufactured as sew on or with adhesive ‘iron on’ backs. Metallic or normal silk threads are available.

For large quantity production or a complicated design a “woven” badge can be very economical.

Don’t have a logo?   Design your own.