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US Medals

McNamee Medals often receive requests for Medals issued by the United States of America and with this in mind we have made arrangements with a number of US suppliers, which allows us to acquire the whole range of medals issued by the United States.

We can provide medals issued to the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corp, US Air force and US Coast Guard.  We are able to access the entire range of US Medals including those for the Spanish American War, American Civil War, War with Mexico, the Indian Campaign, WWI, and all the more recent US campaigns since WWII.

McNamee Medals can mount US medals in the US overlapping rows style or Court Mount them in the Australian style for Australian or Ex US Military personnel who are now serving in the Australian Defence Forces or other uniformed services such as the Police.

US Marine Corp Medals and Ribbons Recent Campaigns


US Meritorious Service Medal Court Mounted with Australian Medals

McNamee Medals also has access to all US ribbon bar supplies as well as ribbon devices such as stars, numerals and other devices.

US Marine Corp Medal Ribbons Mounted Australian Style for Wear with WA Police Uniform

Our mission is to provide a prestigious Medal and Replica Medal Mounting and Custom Badge and Coin manufacturing service which, exceeds the expectations of our customers