McNamee Medals & Badges

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Service Delivery

Medal Mounting

Under normal circumstances McNamee Medals deliver a prompt medal service within two working days of order placement. You can deliver and pick up your medals from us or you can mail them to us (we recommend registered mail) and for a minimal additional cost we will mail them back via the AUSPOST express tracked mail service.

Replica and Miniature Medals

If you require replica or miniature medals and you can accurately identify the medals you require.  You only have to call or e mail us a list or a photograph of the medals and we will mount up the replicas or miniatures and you will only have to visit us once to pick them up.

If you have an urgent requirement please ask, we may be able to help.


*All bars, clasps and other accoutrements are an additional cost.

Our mission is to provide a prestigious Medal and Replica Medal Mounting and Custom Badge and Coin manufacturing service which, exceeds the expectations of our customers